How do 21st Century Christians engage every aspect of the 21st Century university?

An exciting rise in initiatives to engage the university can be seen across the world – in Boston and New Delhi, in Lima and Oxford, in Canberra and Singapore, in Geneva and Guatemala, and many places in between.

These movements aim:

  • To engage the whole university – its research and teaching, its debates and big questions, its community life and practices, its role in society – witha Christian mind.
  • To equip Christian students and faculty to think Christianly about every aspect of university life, especially their own studies and intellectual life.
  • To influence the university and scholarship constructively through dialog and conversation.

Engage Resources gathers the fruits of events, retreats, conferences, consultations, practices, workshops, and seminars held at one time and place to be made available everywhere.


  • Presentations – speeches, speaking notes, fragments of content.
  • Practices - past and present programs on four continents to foster a Christian mind plus interviews with program leaders
  • Courses - ready-made courses for individuals and groups, readings and bibliographies

In coming months look for:

  • Resources – additional materials of value
  • Connections – other sites with valuable materials

And later:

  • slide presentations
  • videos

This site is designed for busy people – for quick reading, easy comprehension, practical use.

Current resources are in English. French and Spanish resources are coming soon.  

All materials are selected by Terry Halliday. This is not an official site of any organization. Its resources embrace diverse initiatives across several continents.

Much initial content arises from Terry Halliday’s participation as a faculty volunteer with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) and university Christian movements in Asia and Africa, Europe and the Americas, New Zealand and Australia.

Engage Resources draws in other authors, academic materials and resources selected for their salience to the vision of engaging the 21st century university through the lens of Christian faith.